Family Law

For over two decades our Family solicitor has been providing assistance to people with family law problems.


If you are facing or wanting to start divorce proceedings or if you are going through a separation, and having problems with arranging contact with your children, have financial issues to resolve or have suffered domestic abuse, our family solicitor will help guide you through these distressing times.

It is essential to know your legal rights and our guidance will enable you to see a route through your current difficulties.

We offer advice using a range of options from a DIY divorce (self help), to our Solicitor guided service; how to deal with a family home and other financial issues, helping to resolve differences and achieve financial settlement with as little stress as possible to you.


Children related issues such as where the children are going to live and contact with the other parent, and access to information about adoption, we offer the legal advice you need to make informed choices for your children and their welfare.

There are also things to consider when starting a relationship, whether you’re moving in together, getting married or thinking about children.

Taking the important step of protecting your position legally can assist you in seeing your circumstances in a more positive light.

To discuss your personal circumstances and get the advice that you need please contact Lyn Howell, our experienced family Solicitor on 02920 210846 or email